30th Anniversary Reunion


According to Bob Pidgeon (class of 1981), that' the back of Robin Williams class of 1980. Unfortunately, he was unwilling to hazard a guess about the contents of the glass...I for one am betting that the glass is half empty and it's time for a refill. How about the others in this picture? Tell us if you know.


There he is again, smoozing with more rock stars.






The Teachers and Principal




Bill Gesson (class of 75) is the tall guy in the back; blue shirt, light pants, white shoes and dark hair. But who are the others, especially the dancing queen in the green and the lady with the million dollar laugh? These two were truly the life of the party and we need to know who they are. E-mail us if you can identify anyone in the photo.


Jen Wieland (Berkowitz 86')
Rich Geraci ('86), and Liz Doyle (Harney '86)


Left to right:
Elizabeth Doyle (Harney '86), Kevin Baginski ('86), Jen Wieland (Berkowitz '86), Desiree Hernano, Jackie Corrigan ('86), John Astrab ('86), Mike Sicilano (85') 


Michelle Geraci (Vinci '88), Mary Thompson (Hess '87), Melani Sessa (Hess '86), Missy Trifoli (Hess '83)


Sandy Gonsalves (Hatzman '86) and Monique Lima (Jung '85)


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