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Walter Panas High School 30th Anniversary Reunion
Celebration a Huge Success!!

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Knolls reunion that took place the following day. See the new group shots!

September 02, 2003 by Mike Morey
Former students and Panas faculty of past and present came together Saturday to celebrate Walter Panas High School's 30th birthday.

The Walter Panas 30th Anniversary Reunion Celebration began with guided tours of the high school offered by English teacher  Fran Sullivan Shulz, Principal Susan Strauss, and English teacher Sue Erickson. Many alumni came, along with spouses and children to see the dramatic changes that have taken place at the high school over the years. Some of the highlights of the tour included seeing the new science laboratories, the completely renovated cafeteria (now the Panther Café) and years worth of senior collages that reminded alumni of the great times they had at the high school.

The festivities culminated with an evening reception held at Colonial Terrace on Oregon Road, where alumni were greeted with a bag full of goodies that consisted of a reunion key chain, alumni directory handbook, and a celebration journal which detailed the history of Walter Panas High School over the years. At each table a "Teacher Identification Test" could be found. Each test had pictures of teachers over the years and alumni worked to see who they could remember among the faculty.

Alumni were especially pleased to see that in attendance were their favorites among the faculty. Alumni were joined by Fran Sullivan Schulz, Walter Greenstein, Ken and Diane Borsari, Paul Trongone, Jim Filippelli, Sue Erickson, Mike Mahoney, and Susan Strauss. There were also two Panas alumni in attendance that now find themselves as faculty members, Candi Lorenz ('95) and Mariellen Rome Hagens ('73). Jim Filippelli, who turned 50 on Saturday, was surprised by Fran Sullivan Schulz with a surprise 50th birthday cake.

Alumni enjoyed cocktails in the lounge before the festivities were opened with a greeting by Tom Glenn ('74), Janet Godridge ('74) and Mike Morey ('95). Westchester County Legislator George Oros dropped off a proclamation that recognized Saturday, August 30th, 2003 as Walter Panas High School Alumni Day in Westchester County. After a few words from Principal Susan Strauss dinner was served.

Several alumni were provided with awards that evening. Attendees from the class of 1973 were each awarded a "First Class Award" and the president of the class of 1973, Barry Booker, gave some brief remarks. The most recent alumni in attendance award went to Jennifer Colon ('99), and two "Furthest Traveled Awards" were given to Craig Racicot ('74), who flew in from San Diego, California and Michael Zeller ('73), who flew in all the way from San Paulo, Brazil to attend. Alan Calabrese ('97) was awarded the School Spirit Award and Fran Sullivan Schulz received the "Favorite Teacher Award" along with an engraved clock thanking her for her commitment to the high school and all of its students over the years. Wanda Glenn received the coveted Paul Scordato Award for "Most Preserved", as did Larry Michel for "Always Being There for Us."  Audrey Hertzel ('77) conducted several raffles with cash prizes as well as a giant Panas Panther.

Once the awards ceremony was completed, the dance floor opened and boy did people get down. From there on out alumni let their hair down, got busy on the dance floor, and had an all around great time. The evening didn't end there though. An after hours party took place at Crystal Bay and was still going strong by 3:00am Sunday morning. It was a Labor Day weekend no one will forget.

All in all it was a nostalgic evening of smiles, cheers, and tears as former alumni of all 30 years of Walter Panas High School came together to celebrate their common history and commitment to the high school. It was an enjoyable event where old friends reconnected and new friends were created. The evening was truly a success.


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